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Date Added: April 29, 2013 11:27:59 AM
Author: Jaime Batiste
Category: Business: Home Business
Home based businesses have been around for a long time, even long before the internet gained the popularity it has today. Before MLM as we know it, there was Amway and Avon and Mary Kay. All reputable ways to earn a side income. But with the birth of similar opportunities and new business models operating primarily online, our society has been blanketed by a fear of such opportunities, which we are now calling the home based business phobia. While there are many reputable business opportunities online, there are just as many scams that have been grouped into the same category. These are usually services in exchange for post-payment (which never comes) or pyramid-type schemes that contain no real products, only the opportunity to earn from recruiting others. Unfortunately, as with most any situation, the negative starts to outweigh the positive. Before you know it, all home based businesses are overshadowed by the reputation of the few actual scams. I believe that the fear of home based business stems from this fact, as well as others. While there are many potential customers who fear the scams without knowing what is and what isnt, there are also those who fear anything that is different from the norm in terms of earning a living. Lets face it, society raises us to work hard at a physical job. Even from youth, we are trained to do well in school all the way up through in the hopes of securing a decent job. It is what our parents did, and their parents, and all of our ancestors all the way back through time. So when the proposition of earning a decent living without working at a physical job makes its way into the minds of societys leaders, it is viewed in a negative light. This, I feel, is because we as humans naturally fear anything that is different, or that we dont understand. This is not how weve been raised, this isnt how anyone has every earned an income before (not a full-time income, anyway). Therefore, it is not easily accepted. The truth is that entrepreneurship is what drives our economy. Even the largest of corporations started out as mom&pop stores or small-town restaurants. Small business and entrepreneurship help to balance out the hold that big business has on our economy. Without them, large corporations would have no competition and therefore no standards to uphold. So exactly what is the biggest fear surrounding any home based business opportunity? I have a theory, and it involves initial start-up. Most individuals are afraid of losing the money they would have to invest. They are afraid of the risk involved. But what is so bad about risk? Dont most things in life involve some type of risk? The old adage Nothing ventured, nothing gained comes to mind. If we never step out of the box that society has created, we will never know what could be. We will never experience different or better. We will, in short, become the one thing that our species fears the moststagnant! Our worlds best inventions (products and services like electricity, stop lights and air travel) came from forward-thinking individuals who dared to look outside of the norm for better and more efficient ways of living. Without those who embraced this mindset, we would still be living as Neanderthals, barely using fire to heat caves and cook food (and even this was forward thinking for the time). The risks we take should always be calculated, to an extent. We should consider heavily the pros and cons of our decisions. And the decisions we make should not be anything that would hurt us, injure our loved ones, or cause us to go completely and utterly broke. Well, home business doesnt do any of these things, does it? It does not threaten or harm us or our families, and if we are researching and investing wisely, it should not expend all of our income either. Home business in its original state was not meant to ruin financial situations, but to improve them, either by supplementing the existing income or surpassing and replacing it. So the fear is simply losing a few hundred, or possibly 1000 or more. A valid and understandable fear from those who work hard for every cent they have. However, part of the point of earning money is to put it to work for us. This is done by investing in programs (whether through stocks, money market accounts, CDs, savings accounts that accrue interest, online businesses or otherwise) that allow us to earn more than weve invested. When you put your money to work for you, you have a better chance of achieving financial security, which is what we are all working toward. So then, should a person go out and join every money-making opportunity they can find? Of course not! Investing or starting a home business is a wise decision, but should be done with care.