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Briquetting Plant for Briquette Manufacturer to produce Biomass Briquetting

Date Added: May 03, 2013 04:03:09 PM
Author: Heena vaja
Category: Business
Biomass for fuel has been burnt for centuries in rural areas and villages around farms; the fuel has not seen any significant use in great scale business until now. Biomass briquettes or White Coal in the local language has brought biomass blazing to the most difficult of developed industries across the country. There are many leading Briquetting Machine manufacturers and supplier of biomass machines and products Biomass briquette is a bio fuel substitute to coal and charcoal. They are used to heat industrial boilers in order to produce electricity from steam. Uses of Briquettes 1) Uses in Industry: These are highly used in industry. 2) Replace Kerosene: These are one of the best method to replace traditional energy resources like kerosene 3) Cost Effective: These are cost effective 4) Burning Power: These are an ideal source for combustion too due to their high burning power. 5) Transportation Cost: It can save the transportation cost as well. 6) Boiler: It can be used in sugar mills, chemical plants. 7) Residential and Home Uses: It is one of the best idea to use biomass chipper to use in home also as well as for kitchen purposes as required. 8) Agricultural: In these days biomass briquettes are mostly used in for agriculture resources. Briquetting machine manufacturers in India uses briquetting technology instead of the traditional fuel material like coal, we can get a higher calorific value, this technology is increasingly being used in the developing world as another option as to charcoal. briquette prevents from fossil carbon being added to the atmosphere and there have been companies that have also switched from furnace oil to briquettes to save costs. The main role of these Briquetting Plant is to convert this wastage in to solid fuels by forming in cylindrical logs with usage of high mechanical pressure avoiding usage of chemical or binder. The raw materials are gathered and compressed into briquetting machines in order to burn longer and make transportation of the goods easier. Compared to fossil fuels, the biomass briquettes produce low net total greenhouse gas emissions because the materials used are already a part of the carbon cycle. All these materials are processed through well integrated production stages to manufacture the end product. There are many Briquettes Plant Manufacturer In India who sell these machines and can be easily searched online. Briquetting Manufacturing Plant proves to be the best equipment generating a renewable as well as eco-friendly method of production process for all those industries which are affecting the environment by way of polluting it in one or the other way.