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Visit Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall

Date Added: January 24, 2014 12:39:26 PM
Author: Larhonda Spada
Category: Travel
You came to Saigon with experience in mind, a Carhart teflon backpack, a small budget, and possibly a close friend or two. Passing through customs was hitches, you pulled your bags from the luggage carousel, and picked up $60 in local currency - Vietnamese Dong, at 16,000VND to the dollar. You have done good... but what now?

Nowadays you will get up early to leave Hanoi by road for Halon Bay, the world natural heritage site, you'll drive though the rural area with scenic view of rice paddy field in the Red River Delta. On the occasion, maybe you are lucky enough to see Vietnamese kids ridding on water buffalo or Vietnamese people taking pigs and cows on motorbike. After 3 hours driving, you are going to be arrived Ha Long city then bored wonderful classic wooden cruise.

The bay has close to 2000 limestone islands with of caverns to explore and a number of lagoons to go kayaking in. Whenever you go things to do in vietnam hanoi out to the bay you head out on a traditional junk ship at which you are going to get your own room and dinner and breakfast served.

Many of the attractions beyond the city relate to nature such as trekking and making an excursion. Every trekked's destination seems to be the 3,143-meter Fansipan peak that is minh citys only 9 km from Saba but can only be accessible by foot. This remote trek provides plenty to see and absorb, from the scattered stones inscribed with drawings and designs of unknown origin, to the French influenced hill retreat town of Sara with its minority groups, beautiful villas and cherry forests. The optimum time to visit is from mid-October to mid-December and in March.

We rode a few miles to the West Virginia Gold Dome Main Capitol Rotunda to see the West Virginia Veterans Memorial. The pack road up to the front steps in a big circle in front of it. It was a beautiful sunny warm morning and the Capitol Dome gold shone brightly in the sunshine. It was beautiful. We always take a group image of all riders and there's a brief ceremony to follow.

This is a great place to visit is the Pearl Farm. Nestled in Long Beach, this shop sells real pearl necklaces and earrings. The enjoyable part of the visit is that the shop has a wall full of oysters. Here, people are able to learn about how the pearls are found and how oysters make these sought after gems. In Addition, there is a sweet caf. Folks of all ages will love they can find inexpensive pearls here.

The river of tears I speak of overwhelms me and I add to it with every piece of suffering I see here every emaciated cat, blinded by persistent conjunctivitis, their twisted, once bound tails like stumps, ludicrously following them like broken masts or the poverty that makes the old cyclo driver I met plead to my humanity, his way of begging tempered by his smile, a mumbled apology his eyes contorted, his broken teeth the only things I can see. So I give him a 50,000 dong note as opposed to the 10,000 I really owe him for the five minute trip. The tension between my wish to see him as a kind man in this city of strangers as well as the reality which he is probably only being pleasant to me because he desires my money, makes me uneasy. He smiles as I hand the money to him and wishes me luck.